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At the beginning of Options
Posted: Thursday, June 6, 2019 2:04:26 AM
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At the beginning of the new year, there are many people who climbed up. In the rain, some people hide under the umbrella, or some people hide under the tree, or there are brave people going straight ahead, the wind and rain are unimpeded, the cold rain wets the hair, wet the clothes corner, the stone pavement begins to wet, everything is wet . The sky was gray and the ash was shrouded in the woods. The woods in the rain and rain are fresh and filled, and the air at this time is so fresh and sweet. Looking at the happy crowd in the rain, like a bird escapes from the cage and walks into the forest, free to stir up, do not want to calm down the moment. In the rain in the woods, after the rain washed, the trunk appeared dark black, and in the uneven bark Marlboro Lights, there was no rain, and it was slightly gray. The gray leaves shook with the cold raindrops, desperately getting rid of this cold raindrops, if the spring and summer leaves will open the bloody mouth and greedy sucking the raindrops. At this point, the leaves also seem to be fragile, yearning for the tall trees that fall off the leaves, the raindrops falling straight into the soil, falling directly on the land, the leaves that have not been wet and hurt Cigarettes For Sale, sometimes lonely to escape the chill, so that the soul can enter the warmth Harbor. The woods shook in the rain, sometimes catering to everyone, happy, carnival, contemplation, everything in the rain. The woods are speechless, people are speechless, and the road is speechless. I just want to look down at the woods Parliament Cigarettes, my favorite woods. Children play in the woods. In the rain, their happiness warms them, they are not afraid of rain, they are not afraid of wetness, and they are not afraid of chill. In the woods in the rain, the children are happy, I am relaxed, the woods are, without the written "short literature", gradually, we have grown up. It is also the daily repetition of the day, and as time goes by, we are more and more aware of it. Many things can't be. In many cases, life has smoothed our edges and angles, and it has smoothed us up. Inner heart. A friend is eating, and having a Taobao experience is not good this year because his business is worse than in previous years. He said that in the past years, he was very happy and did nothing. He could have more than 10,000 per month. It��s much more comfortable than going to work. You can play around and say that if you do it yourself, the small business is only difficult at first. The copy is copied. We can know from his words Marlboro Cigarettes. He is like many people. It is also repeated all the time. He earned 10,000 a month three years ago, and last year, it is estimated to be only 5,000 this year. And he doesn't know how to do it? I don't know how to open a store again? In fact, they all know. It��s just that he didn��t do it either. We have also discussed this point, because several graduates have always been very happy. It is also the happiest to have an artist. Because he has not changed the company division since he graduated, he is the same as his people. The first four people, the next six people, have been six people now. He has been graduating for 6 years. Because he is okay with technology, his salary is still good, and he is very happy every day. If you have time, go out and play, drink, then lay down the cards, and then go back to work the next day, don't be afraid of wind and rain. Positive wages are all available. And he also knows how much money he can get this year from the first day of the New Year. Many people will think that this is not a good day. In fact, it is just fine. Many, many envy, why is this world, many people want to find a civil servant. Many people want to test civil servants. We can suddenly find out that the days are dull and happy, but it is really hard to work hard every day. Gradually, it seems that we are all numb. The same is true for hard work. If you don��t work hard, the salary is still the same. Gradually, we are all used to it. It seems that this is our life. In life, we really have a lot of people who go home many times like this Carton Of Cigarettes, I will go to a place in Dehua to refuel, of course, this place is very smooth. Moreover, it is a relatively large gas station. Another point is that one of my elementary school students was very early in the gang. When I was in high school, he didn't read it, and he went to help others to get there. Of course, in the middle, several times, he will also ask, if anyone knows the gas station, you can recommend it. We also asked, what do you want to know about the gas station? He said that if he wants to change jobs, he would like to ask if there are any gas stations with higher wages. He said that he still helps people cheer. But we certainly don��t know it. If we know it, it must be in the field. And he wants our hometown. Therefore, it is very difficult to help. It is for him, I have no
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