Alexandria Dental Research Center

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ADRC Building

ADRC is a seven floor building designed by the Ministry of Health and Population to provide a smooth and easy patient flow with quick inter-departmental tele-communication and networking.


Seventeen of highly equipped clinics with thirty four dental units are available serving patients in various departments including a specialized dental prosthetic laboratory, a histopathological laboratory for the ease of immediate biopsy and diagnosis, and a pharmacy providing the patients with the needed treatment prescribed by the dentists free of charge. In addition, ADRC contains a cafeteria with a capacity for about one hundred persons for our visitors & staff.


Research work is enhanced by supplying our library with the latest updates and keeping it available for dental colleagues from all over the country who may require to seek information in the various branches of dentistry. Besides, our computer laboratory is set with fifty eight computers which are our main gate to the ever-changing dental technology.


Last but not least, our commitment towards continuing educational programs is highly emphasized through offering training to dentists all over Egypt supervised by our professional dental staff and making use of two lecture rooms and a seminar room established essentially for this goal ,in addition to the direct life video transmission seminar room.



General description of ADRC


The ADRC building consists of six floors and a basement distributed as follows:


Basement: It consists of the central sterilization unit, a gas room, a laundry, a maintenance workshop, a central office for telephone exchange, the main warehouse and a clothes-changing room.

Ground floor: This floor includes the main entrance, the X-ray department, the medical registration department, a pharmacy, the guest hall, a cafeteria, the outpatient clinic and the ticket office.

First floor: This floor includes the Pedodontic Clinic, the health education room, the preventive dentistry clinic, the handicapped specialized clinic, the orthodontic clinic, and the V.I.P. clinic.

Second floor: This floor consists of the Conservative dentistry Clinic, the Endodontics Clinic, the Fixed Prosthodontics Clinic, the porcelain lab, the histopathological laboratory, the Prosthodontics Clinic, and the prosthodontics laboratory.

Third floor: It comprises the Oral Medicine Clinic,the Periodontal Surgery Clinic,the Oral Surgery Clinic,the minor oral surgery theatre,the Implantology Clinic, and the general anesthesia theatre with a recovery room.

Fourth floor: It includes the library, the computer laboratory, the financial & administration departments, the medical registration room and the mosque.

Fifth floor:It represents ADRC’s training unit with two lecture rooms & a seminar room, two separate dormitories for dentists from other governorates, staff room & the kitchen.