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Welcome message

It is with pleasure that we launch our new website which aims at providing access to the ever-changing fields of dentistry as well as keeping our visitors informed about our latest activities.   Browsing our website, you will find that various features have been incorporated including a dentist’s forum, an electronic library, health education for visitors and much more.
  On behalf of the ADRC family, I would like to seize this opportunity to express my deep thanks and intense appreciation to the Ministry of Administrative Development led by his Excellency Prof. Dr. Ahmed Darweesh for their chief role and significant support in the creation of this website.
Last but not least, our immense gratitude goes to the Ministry of Health led by his Excellency Prof.Dr. Hatem ElGabaly for giving us the opportunity to be part of one of the premier dental centers in Egypt.
And now let me leave you to access the world of ADRC hope you enjoy it and found it useful and interesting.

Best regards
Dr Khaled Mansour
ADRC director (2006 - 2014)