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Continuous Education

One of the most remarkable goals for Alexandria dental research center is the training programs. ADRC has a specialized training unit offering its services to more than a thousand dentists a year, as the center trains two hundred and fifty post-graduate dentists. The center also represents the basic training unit of the Egyptian Fellowship (22 trainees), and it also receives sixty dentists selected by the Ministry of Health for regular medical training. Training takes place in the center’s clinics and lecture halls, which are equipped with presentation data shows. The center has fifty eight computers as a support for the training of the Ministry of Health dentists. The center is also equipped with a local area network, an Internet connection, three laser printers, two scanners, four photo copiers, digital cameras, and video cameras.

   The center also offers training courses for nurses, technicians, and health educators. Lectures are given by the center’s elite dentists.

  The center organizes training courses for dentists, nurses, and technicians in the governorates of Matrouh, El-Sharkia, El-Behera, and Kafre El-Sheikh twice a year.

 The center organizes computer-training courses for dentists and all staff members. Six courses were organized since the opening of the new headquarters in Smouha.

 The center has run several workshops in different fields, such as implantology, endodontics, bleaching, besides two workshop on pedodontics, each comprising three course.

  The center organized a Scientific Day on Hemophilia, during which it received university professors to give lectures for the benefit of the center’s dentists as well as the Ministry’s.

ADRC staff performs weekly scientific lectures, sometimes in co-operation with faculty of dentistry staff and organize scientific dental symposium.

 Developing ADRC Scientific Magazine containing ADRC researches, cases studies and announcing for special ADRC events.